What Goes into Personalized Acne Treatments?

Acne can make you feel embarrassed about your appearance. Even if you don’t have painful outbreaks, olds scars can leave your skin uneven. If you're unhappy with the state of your skin due to acne scarring, or if you’re currently experiencing painful and unsightly outbreaks, we can help.

At Associated Dermatologists, with locations in West Bloomfield, Commerce, Novi, and Berkley, Michigan, our team of expert skincare providers offers a personalized approach to treating your acne, helping your skin achieve optimal health and reducing the visibility of acne scarring. 

Acne basics

Acne usually shows up on the face, shoulders, chest, and back, but some people also have acne on their thighs and buttocks. Acne is most often associated with oily skin, being a teenager, or being female, but anyone can get acne at any age — even if you have dry skin. And when your breakouts are through, acne scars can serve as visible reminders.

Acne is the product of clogged pores. Your skin collects dirt, oil, sebum, and other substances, which prevent your facial pores from breathing properly. These pores seal off, and your body has a reaction, creating pus around the offending materials stuck in the pore, and causing redness, swelling, and pain.

Acne can look like a blackhead, a whitehead, a pimple, or a larger lesion or cyst. Changes in hormone levels, medications, and diet can trigger acne outbreaks or make them worse. While hygiene is an important part of reducing and controlling acne, people who have acne aren’t “dirty.”

Medical acne treatments

If your acne is moderate-to-severe, meaning it adversely affects your life, you should seek medical help from the experts at Associated Dermatologists. Our personalized approach to acne treatment means we don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution.

Instead, we start with a medical consultation, just like any doctor visit, and ask a lot of questions about your health, lifestyle, and acne outbreaks to determine which treatment(s) will be best for you. We might recommend:

Our full-service dermatology practice delivers an expert, medical approach to acne care. We give you the best options possible for your skin type and specific form of acne, whether you have an outbreak or want to reduce the appearance of visible scars. 

To schedule a consultation, call the office nearest you, or book online today.

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