Sunbetter® SHEER SPF 56 Sunscreen Stick




Helps prevents sunburn. If used as directed with other sun protection measures decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun.

  • A truly transparent layer of broad spectrum protection regardless of skin type.
  • Water-resistant (80 minutes).
  • An extraordinary level of performance: UVA (aging) & UVB (burning), blue light and infrared radiation.
  • Unique and user friendly formats.
  • 100% mineral actives.
  • Optimizes patient experience for enhanced compliance and convenience.


*skinbetter science products are sold only through physician practices and authorized medical spas. The link provided to purchase skinbetter products is intended only for use by existing skinbetter science users, or patients that have otherwise received a skin consultation by ASSOCIATED DERMATOLOGISTS.

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