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Vascular Laser Treatment

The appearance of veins can be unsightly, causing both women and men to seek vascular laser treatment to improve their appearance, increase self-confidence, and even alleviate associated pain. Lesions can be very visible (long and bulging) or spider veins, which are smaller, finer, and shorter (lines or web-like). Associated Dermatologists can help reduce facial and leg vein issues through a variety of methods, including the use of Vbeam Perfecta and the Palomar Lux 1540.

Vascular laser treatments can also treat rosacea, broken blood vessels, angiomas, red birthmarks, warts, scars, bruises, and sun damage on the neck and chest.

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Vbeam Perfecta Vascular Laser Treatment

Candela’s Vbeam Perfecta is the gold standard and the world’s best-selling pulsed-dye laser. The safe and easy-to-use tool treats vascular, pigmented, and certain non-pigmented lesions with a low incidence of side effects. Vbeam Perfecta can be used to treat:
  • Acne scars
  • Facial and spider veins
  • Leg veins
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Rosacea
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks (striae)
  • Vascular legions
  • Warts

Palomar Lux 1540 Fractional Laser Skin

Fractional laser skin resurfacing treats a number of skin conditions with minimal downtime. One of the premier fractional lasers is the Palomar Lux 1540, a non-ablative erbium laser that is part of the Palomar Icon Aesthetic System. The laser delivers light to the skin through an array of high-precision microbeams that penetrate deep into the dermis, leading to healthier new skin. The use of the Lux 1540 for fractional laser skin resurfacing is much less invasive compared to ablative laser procedures, resulting in a faster recovery time and minimal downtime. Patients also experience fewer side effects and complications than they may with non-fractionated lasers. The Palomar Lux 1540 can be used to treat a number of dermatologic and cosmetic skin conditions, including:
  • Sun damage (wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, aging skin)
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical and traumatic scars
  • Skin texture and tone issues
  • Melasma
  • Stretch marks (striae)

FAQs about Vascular Laser Treatments

How common are vascular lesions?

Vascular lesions are present in 10-15% of adults, with a greater number in females than males. They can be prevalent in a contained body area, spread out over multiple body areas, or show up as a singular line or cluster.

What types of veins can be treated?

Your aesthetic provider will need to do an assessment of your vascular lesions. In general, the recommended types of vascular veins to treat are: facial and spider veins, port wine stains, leg veins, telangiectasias, and angiomas.

How does the Vbeam Perfecta work?

The Vbeam Perfecta delivers micropulse technology, and its 595 nm wavelength perfectly blends depth of penetration into tissue and high absorption of hemoglobin. It uses a patented, cryogen-based Dynamic Cooling Device. The 595 nm can also be used to treat tough discolorations and abnormalities.

What exactly is the Palomar Lux 1540?

The Palomar Lux 1540 is a non-ablative erbium laser that operates in the 1540nm wavelength spectrum.

What is the difference between an ablative and non-ablative laser treatment?

With the ablative types of treatments, the top surface of the skin is partially removed to achieve a fresh and improved skin surface. Non-ablative treatments involve treating the deeper parts of the skin without removing any part of the top layer. Non-ablative lasers tend to have fewer side effects and a shorter healing time but require multiple treatments. The Palomar 1540 laser is a non-ablative laser.

What are fractionated lasers?

Skin laser treatments can be divided into “full field” and “fractionated.” Full field lasers deliver a laser beam as a coherent column that treats the entire area of skin that it reaches. This type of laser is associated with numerous side effects and a long healing period.

Fractionated lasers treat the skin with a laser beam that is comprised of many columns of microbeams that are all separated by gaps. Thus, only a fraction of the skin is treated, with gaps of untreated skin throughout, which enables the skin to heal much faster with less risk of complications. Fractionated lasers can be either ablative or non-ablative. The Lux 1540 laser is a fractionated non-ablative laser.

What are the benefits of the Lux 1540 over other fractionated lasers?

The Lux 1540 is more powerful than other lasers of its kind, delivering greater energy per microbeam (up to 100 mJ) and a greater depth of penetration (up to 1 mm) than other competing devices. This can promote a more significant response in the skin, with more effective and longer-lasting results.

Please speak with your aesthetic provider about activities that will encourage increased blood flow, like heavy exercise, as they may request that you wait a few days to a week depending on the area you had treated. Areas treated should stay out of sunlight and be protected with broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.