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Cysts and


Cysts and Lipomas

A number of skin conditions cause bumps and lumps to appear on the surface of the skin or just below the skin, including cysts and lipomas. Both are usually benign, but after a thorough skin examination with one of our dermatologists, you can feel reassured that they are harmless. Having the size of the cysts and lipomas reduced can help you feel more confident and secure in your own skin.

In the rare event that a more serious, underlying issue is uncovered, our physicians can work with for the best course of treatment.

What are Cysts?

Cysts can be described as one of the most serious types of pimples.

They form when blocked pores become irritated. Cysts are filled with fluid, pus, or other material and can appear anywhere on your body. They can develop as a result of infection, clogged glands, or foreign objects such as earrings. They are usually painless and grow slowly.

The closed pockets of tissue that can be malignant or benign. While many cysts are benign, it’s important to have them examined by one of our physicians who are skilled in detecting and treating skin cancer.

What are Lipomas?

Classified as tumors, lipomas are lumps of fat that start to grow in the soft tissue of your body. They are usually harmless and pain-free, but you should consult with one of our skin care specialists to verify what they are and that they are not dangerous.

Although they can appear anywhere, they are usually found on the upper body, thighs, and arms. Because they tend to last many years and can grow over time, they can cause discomfort or become troublesome.

The treatments, which may include injections, can reduce the size the lumps, and we make every effort to minimize any scarring.

Make an appointment to see one of our dermatologists in Oakland County to determine the right treatment in your case.