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Sun Damage Prevention

The sun is one of the greatest allies for our bones, hair, and mental health, but is one of the greatest obstacles in maintaining healthy skin.

At Associated Dermatologists, we aim to educate patients about how best to protect their skin from sun exposure.

We offer advanced, effective treatment of various forms of skin cancer, and also provide cosmetic products to help you prevent and reduce the signs of aging.

How the Sun Affects Skin

Have you ever wondered why skin tans in the sun? It’s not to make your skin softer and give it a luxurious glow.

In reality, our skin tans in order to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. When ultraviolet radiation from sunlight penetrates your skin and cells, it damages their RNA and DNA. DNA provides our bodies with the ability to develop and survive, but when it’s damaged from the sun, it can lead to skin cancer. Your skin darkens in the sun with a pigment called melanin that reduces UV penetration into cells.

Skin cancer can affect anyone, but most kinds of skin cancer can be cured if you see it and visit your dermatologist right away.

Protecting your skin with nourishing sunscreen while you’re in the sun is the best way to prevent skin cancer, sun spots, and premature wrinkles.

At Associated Dermatologists, we can also recommend a variety of products that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. One product we often recommend for the treatment of wrinkles is Perlane®, a hyaluronic acid gel that fills and smooths skin. Treatments typically last for about six months and can also be applied to the lips, cheeks, jowls, and other sagging facial skin.

If you are concerned that you may have skin cancer, or if you want to know the best product to use to protect your skin in the sun, make an appointment to speak with one of our dermatologists. Our dermatologists provide each patient with thorough skin exams to identify any areas of concern, so visit one of our skin care specialists can provide you with added peace of mind.