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Vascular Laser

What is Vascular Laser Treatment?

When you visit Associated Dermatologists for a vascular laser consultation, your provider conducts an in-depth clinical exam to determine if you would benefit from vascular laser treatments.

The experienced team uses advanced laser tools to treat many skin lesions and imperfections, including:

Facial and spider veins
Port wine stains
Leg veins
Rosacea, redness, scars, anything red in color and vascular on the skin.
The vascular laser tools used at Associated Dermatologists also treat rosacea, broken blood vessels, warts, scars, bruises, and sun damage on the neck and chest.

Vascular lesions are common and affect appearance and self-confidence. With vascular laser treatments at Associated Dermatologists, the team can improve the look of your skin and alleviate any associated pain.

What vascular laser tools are there?
Associated Dermatologists is a state-of-the-art dermatology practice that uses two advanced vascular laser tools for vascular lesions:

Vbeam Perfecta
Vbeam Perfecta is an advanced pulsed-dye laser (PDL). It uses innovative micropulse PDL technology that targets the hemoglobin in your vascular lesion without damaging the surface of your skin.

The heat energy causes the visible vein to collapse and fade away over time. Your body then reroutes blood through healthy vines.

What can I expect during vascular laser treatment?
The specifics of your vascular laser treatment depend on many factors, including the type and location of your vascular lesion, as well as the vascular laser tool best suited to help you reach your beauty goals.

Your dermatologist at Associated Dermatologists reviews the treatment plan with you during your consultation so you know how to prepare and what to expect during your session.

Both vascular laser tools offered at Associated Dermatologists cause minimal discomfort and require no downtime. Most sessions take less than an hour.

To clear up your vascular lesions, the team recommends a series of 3-5 treatments set at 4-6 week intervals.

What happens after vascular laser treatment?
You may experience some redness in the treatment area following your vascular laser session. However, this side effect disappears quickly.

The team recommends you protect your treated, sensitive skin from the sun with sunscreen or clothing.

For expert vascular laser treatment from an experienced team, call Associated Dermatologists or book an appointment online today.