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Facts about birthmarks: Two out of three newborns have a birthmark. Some marks develop within about a month after birth.

Facts About Birthmarks: What They Are, Why They’re There, and What They Mean

Birthmarks can be a fun topic of conversation. Some people don’t hesitate to roll up their sleeve or pant leg to show others their birthmarks. But have you ever wondered what birthmarks are to begin with? And are they as meaningful as they sound? The word “birthmark” seems very important, after all. Following are some facts about birthmarks you might want to know, so the next time your friends compete for whose birthmark is the most unique and interesting, you can tell them what birthmarks are all about. 10 Facts About Birthmarks You Should Know 1. It’s unclear exactly what causes birthmarks. 2....

Dr. Michael Dorman of Associated Dermatologists discusses his experiences with skin cancer.

A Dermatologist’s Firsthand Experiences with Skin Cancer: Doctor Shares His Story

Associated Dermatologists’ Dr. Michael Dorman understands firsthand what it is like to experience skin cancer, and he has now made it his mission to educate others about the importance of protecting themselves while in the sun. In a span of less than 10 years, Dr. Dorman was unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with skin cancer three times. The first case was recognized when he was 45 years old. At that time, one of the physician assistants with Associated Dermatologists noticed a new black spot on his ear after he returned from a Caribbean trip. Upon biopsy, this demonstrated melanoma in-situ, the earliest...