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Also known as “nevi,” moles are a common type of skin growth. They can develop anywhere on the body and are typically brown but may also be black, pink, red, blue or tan.

What is it?

Moles are caused when pigment-producing melanocyte cells grow in groups instead of spreading throughout the skin. They can develop anywhere on the body and are typically brown but may also be black, pink, red, blue or tan. Moles can darken or lighten in color — and even fade — over time. They’re round and oval and primarily develop during childhood and adolescence.

Factors such as age, hormonal changes, genetics and sun exposure are causes for moles to develop. Most moles are common and harmless, but there is a risk of developing melanoma, so it’s important to monitor any changes in their appearance.

In addition to your annual skin check with a board-certified provider at Associated Dermatologists, you can perform regular self-exams using the ABCDE method. See a dermatologist right away if a spot or mole has:

• A - Asymmetrical shape

• B - Borders that are irregular

• C - Colors that vary from one area to another

• D - Diameter larger than a pencil eraser

• E - Evolved its size, shape, or color from a previous exam

How is it treated?

The first step to treating a mole is an exam from one of our board-certified dermatologists serving Berkley, West Bloomfield, Commerce, or Novi, Michigan. After proper diagnosis, we can craft a plan that meets your medical and aesthetic needs. We can remove unsightly or unwanted moles through an excision or a surgical shave. And remember: do not ever attempt to remove a mole on your own!

We would love to get started on a solution that perfectly fits your needs.